Discover a new way of learning English with our world-class English Speaking Skills course

Activate your English! is a new English course aimed at adults who want to improve the naturalness and fluency of their spoken English. It takes learners through a wide variety of popular topics, building their vocabulary, functional language skills and confidence to participate in a range of different types of interaction. 

Course Details

Duration: 6 weeks or 12 weeks


  • 1 Module (6 weeks): Rs 3,900 
  • 2 Modules (6 weeks): Rs 7,500 

* Prices include all materials which will be provided to students via the online Edmodo platform. No books are required. Students will have to register themselves for a free Edmodo account in order to access class resources and discussions. 

Format: Interactive blended classes (Full term 36 hours + 12 hrs online / Half Term 18 hours + 6 online). With the addition of pre-and post-lesson activities which will 'activate their English' speaking and out-of-class discussions, held via the Edmodo educational platform. To enable learners to speak English fluently and apply it to their daily lives, classes utilise real-life scenarios to collaborative team activities - role-play, debates, group discussions, and peer reviews.

Why should you choose Activate Your English? 

This course has been created by experts in English language teaching. It is designed to be flexible and focuses more on speaking skills and fluency, and has less of a focus on grammar and written accuracy. 

  • Learners will participate in interesting discussions, exchange opinions and collaborate with others on a range on creative or explorative tasks. 
  • Teachers will focus on functional language, which means they will build practical tools and vocabulary needed to help learners complete specific tasks relevant to their level. 
  • Learners can choose to study for either 6 weeks or 12 weeks, to give flexibility for those with busy work or personal schedules. 

In addition to their classes, learners will be given engaging pre-lesson and post-lesson activities, and a platform to facilitate continual discussion throughout the course. This means they can continue to learn English at their convenience outside of class time. 

Term Dates

  • Term 1: 11 January to 03 April 
  • Term 2: 19 April to 10 July 
  • Term 3: 26 July to 06 October
  • Term 4: 01 November to 11 December