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Transform your business with the world’s English experts

The importance of the English language as a driver of global business success should not be underestimated. Is your company fully prepared to do business in the world’s business language? If not, you may be losing out to your competitors. 

As the world’s English experts, we are uniquely positioned to provide you and your employees with the English language skills that will help you compete more effectively in today’s fast-paced global economy. 

The Corporate Suite is a modular Business English course allowing you the flexibility to choose the depth of training required, based on different skills and topic areas, and the needs of your employees. We aim to improve participants’ business communication skills, with a particular focus on spoken and written communication for dealing with clients.  

Teaching English. Supporting learning. Testing proficiency.


  • to improve fluency and accuracy in spoken English and increase awareness of correct style, tone and appropriacy of language in a business context
  • to enable participants to produce more effective written communications, using ‘plain English’ to enhance clarity. 


  1. Effective emails
  2. Report writing
  3. Minute taking
  4. Effective spoken communication 
  5. Handling difficult situations
  6. Presentation skills
  7. Making a sales pitch
  8. Knowledge management 

Incorporated throughout the course are activities that focus on the improvement of English language skills and are designed to:

  • improve general grammar, vocabulary and punctuation skills
  • use tenses and time clauses accurately in a business context
  • use words accurately in relation to their meanings in a business context.

Our highly experienced Corporate Trainers are responsible for overseeing the content and deliver a course tailor-made to meet your needs.

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