Winners of 2019 Alumni Awards in Mauritius

Celebrating the achievements of alumni in Mauritius

When outstanding individuals receive a world-class education in the UK, the effects can last a lifetime. The Alumni Awards pay tribute to the impact that alumni of UK higher education institutions have had in their chosen field, and how this was sparked by their studies in the UK.

There are three award categories: Professional Achievement, Entrepreneurial and Social Impact.

  • Professional Achievement Award recognises UK alumni who have distinguished themselves through exemplary leadership and achievements in their professional industry, and who can demonstrate the impact and scale of their achievements in their profession, and beyond.
  • Entrepreneurial Award recognises UK alumni who are active in initiating or contributing to innovative or creative new ideas, solutions or business opportunities that have the potential for strong growth.
  • Social Impact Award recognises UK alumni who have made an exceptional contribution and commitment to creating positive social change and improving the lives of others.

Meet this year's finalists 

Among stiff competition from a variety of strong applicants, these ten candidates stood out. Find out what makes their story unique.

Alumni Awards Finalists 2019
These finalists were selected for their outstanding achievements as business professionals, entrepreneurs and community leaders, and for their important contribution to strengthening collaborative ties between the UK and Mauritius.

Professional Achievement Award Category Finalists


Kiran is Director of Tertiary Education and Scientific Research at the Ministry of Education in Mauritius. In this role Kiran’s work is instrumental in driving forward the government’s vision for higher education while being fully involved in the drafting of policies and strategies to promote scientific research.  

Kiran believes that his Law degree at University of London provided him with the opportunity to interact with a diverse group of international students, which helped to shape his ideas as well as build a strong international network.

With the announcement of free Higher Education in Mauritius, Kiran’s role and legal background is key. 


Alexander is a Lecturer and Programme Coordinator at Middlesex University Mauritius. His passion for Applications Development keeps him involved in several IT project-based endeavours at the University. He has been instrumental in shaping the Campus’s technology-led approach to enhance processes as well as overall staff and student experiences.

Alexander credits his Middlesex University Mauritius education with his initiatives in technology driven improvements, highlighting the University’s ethos which is not only grounded on acquiring knowledge but proactively leveraging opportunities for its application.

Alexander instils the same innovative mind-set with his students and looks forward to them creating products of value in their respective communities. 


Marie is a Senior Lecturer in Law at the University of Mauritius. Her field of specialisation is International Trade Law with a particular focus on Law of the Sea and Ocean Governance. Her research work has been published by internationally recognised publication houses. Her publications are being used by local, regional, as well as international institutions to promote the use and development of marine spatial plans by Coastal States.

Marie believes that her studies as well as meeting people from all over the world while studying at Birmingham City University has helped her achieve such  professional success in her career.


Prakash is a Transportation Engineering Professional, with a focus on Urban Transport and Railways Engineering. Prakash believes his contribution towards the country and community through the Urban Transport projects cannot be quantified in numbers. The projects he has worked on will serve generations.  At present, he is working as the Interface & Coordination manager for implementation of the largest infrastructure project in the country i.e Metro Express Project in Mauritius. 

Prakash believes that his degree in engineering from Imperial College London has strengthened his knowledge, skills and equipped him with the qualities required by the best industries worldwide.

Entrepreneurial Award Category Finalists


Dr. Amal Bholah is a medical doctor who is passionate about technology. He founded the Smart Health project which aims to make healthcare services more accessible, affordable and efficient. Amal's work has received various international recognition including being one of the Top 3 start-ups for the European Telemedicine Innovation Competition. 

Amal made his career jump from a clinician to an entrepreneur during his study at the University of Edinburgh. He acquired multi-disciplinary skills, leading a team focused on bringing innovative health technological solutions to complex health issues.

Amal is aiming to transform healthcare institutions with technology to enhance the delivery of healthcare services. 


Rishi is the founder of Dukesbridge, the largest chain of private schools in Mauritius. Upon return to Mauritius, after a career as an Investment Banking Director focusing on Mergers & Acquisition in London, Rishi was moved by the significant gap between fees charged by international schools and the affordability of the local community he grew up in. 

Despite no teaching background, Rishi’s business skills acquired at London School of Economics & Political Science and his determination to give  back to his community through high quality education, led him to establish nine affordable English medium schools from scratch within a period of four years. 


IT Personality of the Year 2014 and winner of the Mandela Washington Fellowship 2015, Ilrshaad is an award winning Technopreneur. He implemented the Youth Employment Programme (YEP), Women Back to Work (BTW) and Dual Training Programme (DTP) which have been instrumental in decreasing the skills mismatch and unemployment especially on a national level. He also introduced the first free interactive public online job portal for the Government in order to combat the high youth unemployment rate in Mauritius. The UK experience at Middlesex University has provided Ilrshaad with the life skills and qualities required to be a leader with good communication capabilities.  


Christopher’s recognition of the challenges which prevail in the food sector in Rodrigues, has resulted in positive innovations. His determination and passion for food brought to life a flour production and a canning food business.

Christopher believes his experiences acquired from the University of Nottingham have provided him with the tools and confidence necessary to tackle food business-related issues, merging both food science and management.

Through the canning enterprise, Walali Co Ltd., Christopher is now on the path of making Rodriguan foods known to the world but also building  an environmentally sustainable system to further benefit the fishing community. 

Social Impact Award Category Finalists


Deegesh’s passion has always been to seek ways to develop ethical programmes to address society’s most pressing issues. One issue has been how to integrate disabled people into society through the creation of employment and holistic empowerment. He helps  employers and managers to fully accommodate an inclusive working culture.

Deegesh strongly believes that exposure to the UK culture and the academic rigor of the University of Northampton helped him on this journey. He is now in the process of up scaling his programme to reach out to other commonwealth countries to have better integration of disabled people at all the levels of society.


Nitishah is a leading speech and language therapist in Mauritius, working with children and adults who have speech, language and communication difficulties. She has led various projects in developing education and holistic rehabilitative services for Special Education Needs (SEN) schools.

Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh (UK) equipped Nitishah with the qualities and skills needed to address the needs of people from different linguistic backgrounds: carrying out assessments, client-centred therapeutic interventions and training sessions - with parents, caregivers and educators. 

Nitishah believes in making a difference in people’s lives and is thus actively involved in projects related to empowering vulnerable groups. 

Meet the winners of the 2019 Alumni Awards

The recipients of the Study UK Alumni Awards were announced, on 15 March, at an awarding ceremony at the State House.


Kiran Bhujun - University of London


Dr Leckraj Amal Bholah - University of Edinburg


Deegesh Maywah - University of Northampton


Meet this year's judges


Niamh Allen is the Director of the British Council in Mauritius. She started her career at the British Council as a teacher 25 years ago when she moved from Ireland to Singapore.  Following a successful career in teaching, Niamh then led on a variety of programmes with the Ministry of Education. In 2002, Niamh’s passion for quality and supporting teachers and managers delivering Quality in the Classroom enabled her to take on a regional role overseeing Quality Assurance for British Council East Asia. In 2012, Niamh moved to Dubai as Regional Business Development Manager for British Council Middle east and North Africa and arrived to Mauritius in August 2018. 


Javed has worked in the Human Resources Management field for the past 18 years. Since 2013, he has held the position of Head of HR & Corporate Affairs at Scott & Co Ltd., a leading company in the FMCG and Pharmaceutical distribution in Mauritius. Javed has also played a key role in coordinating the CSR initiatives of Scott through the Scott Smile Foundation. Other than his professional endeavours, Javed is passionate about photography and his photo of the Rochester Fall was featured under the stunning landscapes edition in the Mobiography magazine.


Vashil has worked in Community Development and been a youth activist for the past 10 years. He is now working as Manager at T1 Diams, an organisation supporting people living with Type 1 diabetes. Vashil has worked at the National Empowerment Foundation, National Women’s Council and for an NGO Rural Unity for Development organisation in Zimbabwe. He has been volunteering for many Youth-led, social and environmental organisation and has been cycling around Europe for fund raising of disability inclusive sports projects. Vashil has been awarded the Young African Leadership Initiative fellowship 2014, Chevening Scholar-Led Project of the Year 2016/17, Commonwealth Point of Light 2018 and was the winner of the Study UK Alumni Social Impact Award in 2018. 


Martine started her diverse career at MBC as a radio/tv presenter but went on to take on many other roles, including pursuing a career in sales and marketing. Her entrepreneurial spirit has always been a driving force in her life which lead to her status as Customer Relationship Manager for Mercedes Benz, Peugeot and Mitsubishi, and subsequently Events Manager before being promoted to Regional Co-ordinator for British Council while still working as a radio Presenter at MBC. Martine remains steadfast in her efforts to create opportunities that positively impact Mauritius through her business ties. 


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