Find your voice with our exclusive local and global learning communities. Enjoy more opportunities to practise and network with learners beyond the classroom. 

Learn together, learn better

MyClass will help to develop more than just your English skills. Our interactive learning spaces provide a welcoming environment where everyone can participate and help each other grow in confidence. 

Your teacher will guide you through tasks and group activities with advice and active feedback. With our knowledge and experience, we will help you to make the most of every lesson.  

Discover more than a language 

Take your language skills to another level with MyClub, a schedule of cultural and social sessions in your area. MyClub provides a great opportunity to relax and practise English at your pace with other learners.  

You can also meet students and teachers from around the world through our online Facebook community, exclusive to MyClass students. Join live online events, access extra resources, and engage with other learners to gain new perspectives on the world.