''I told myself that when I will have kids, I would like them to join the British Council's interesting courses. Why? Because they teach things that make my kids more aware and prepared for real life. I can now see that they can converse in English more easily and understand while listening as well.'' Natacha Ericson, parent (S2 and PP4 A, 2020)

''I chose the British Council because I wasn't great at English. My classes have really helped me and the teachers are just incredible! They are there when we need help and they are always encouraging. Personally, I love everything I do in British Council, even if it is Vocabulary or Debates - my other friends and I have loads of fun! As I said, I love everything in British Council. The staff always give us (students) a warm welcome, like even if we had a bad day, the customer service or the teachers would talk to us and make us feel great!'' Jeevan Elanghovan, student ( S4+, 2019)

''The courses offered by the British Council must surely rank as amongst the finest in the world.  They helped my child improve his English language fluency, creativity, leadership and communication skills and indeed contributed immensely towards his overall development.''
Mrs Subhangini Kuruganti, parent (Junior Master Class, 2015)

“EYC is a fun-packed class designed especially keeping the age group in mind. The learning engagement has helped Kavyaa to become confident with sounds, words and rhythm. She has become more social. She always looks forward to her EYC class. Thank you EYC and Joni.”
Karishma, parent (Early Years Club, 2013)

"The British Council teachers are kind and helpful. I like speaking English in the class with my friends."
Student (English for kids, 2014)

"My teacher helped me pronounce difficult English words. I think the teachers here are the best for teaching pronunciation."
Student (English for teens, 2013)