Practising English with learners from other countries

Our Primary Plus and Secondary Plus experiences bring together more than 30,000 young English language learners from over 40 countries, in a safe and supportive learning environment. We do this by linking up classrooms from different countries in an online experience where learners communicate with classmates globally.

This unique experience from the British Council offers your child the chance to put their speaking skills into practice. During the classes, which are facilitated by expert language teachers, learners talk and interact with students of similar ages and abilities and find even more motivation to learn English. 

Developing cultural awareness in education

Young learners who take part further develop confidence, communication skills and a deeper cultural literacy in education. 

They also see how English can connect them to people around the world and are inspired as they make real international connections and develop life skills for a global world.

Guided by an expert teacher, this unique learning experience promises:

  • new confidence in speaking English for your child
  • real motivation to learn and use English in a real-world context
  • an exciting experience for all the learners involved.