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British Council

Applications for the Mauritius FameLab 2017 have now closed. We will be contacting the winners shortly.


FameLab is a competition for scientists, mathematicians and engineers to talk about an aspect of their science in 3 minutes only in front of a live audience and a panel of judges. Competitors can use any props that they can carry with them on stage (but not Powerpoint). They can sing, dance, draw, talk, do demos and tricks – as long as it is all scientifically sound.  

FameLab originated in the UK but became a multi-national competition in 2007. It is the world’s largest science communication competition. 31 countries will participate in 2017. All participants in Mauritius will receive a one day communication training before they perform. All finalists will receive Masterclass training in science communication, delivered by an expert trainer and film maker from the Cheltenham International Science Festival.

The national winner will attend the Cheltenham Science Festival in the UK in June for the international final. There will be follow up support activities to support a nascent and growing network of science communicators in Mauritius.

Rules of entry

Participants must be 18 or over and working or studying in a Science, technology, Engineering or Mathematics discipline. Participants must be available for:

  • Heats
  • Communication training
  • Masterclass science communication training for finalists
  • National final
  • International final

 You can contact us famelab@mu.britishcouncil.org 

Why FameLab in Mauritius

As an Indian Ocean island, it is critical that Mauritius achieves its aim of becoming a knowledge economy, with a workforce geared up to add value in key technical areas including the sciences.  FameLab is an international programme proven to inspire interest in science in young people. FameLab makes science more attractive to school-age children, by highlighting the wonder of science and removing jargon. 

FameLab motivates and develops the capacity of young scientists and researchers to actively engage with the public and stakeholders. Participants not only change the common stereotype of science and scientists but they also promote, and justify funding, for their research.

It is a media-savvy event and MBC will televise all FameLab events. The President of Mauritius, Her Excellency Ameenah Gurib-Fakim, is a keen advocate of FameLab and is patron of the programme in Mauritius.  

FameLab will become an annual event in Mauritius with the opportunity for wraparound activities, centred on the growing network of FameLab alumni.


Dates for key events

  • Applications open from 1 March - 3 April 
  • Communications workshops 11 and 12 April 
  • Heats 20, 21, 22 and 23 April  
  • Masterclass science communication training for finalists 5 - 6 May 
  • National final 20 May 
  • National winner to UK for international finals 4 - 11 June 

Details of prizes

  • The national Winner of FameLab Mauritius gets an all-expense-paid trip to The Times Cheltenham Science Festival in the UK, and competes in the international FameLab finals in June!
  • The winner will also receive a cash prize of Rs 25,000
  • All finalists will receive master-class science communication training delivered by world renowned trainers
  • All participants will receive communication training from Jive Media
  • The audience favourite will receive a cash prize Rs 10,000