Our English projects and products support teachers and learners of English through access to top quality online materials, teacher training workshops and outreach work. 

Creative writing competition

Each year the British Council, in partnership with the Ministry of Education and Human Resources and Le Matinal newspaper, organises a Young Journalist Competition for secondary schools. This year candidates were asked to write on the theme of ‘Who is the hero that inspires you to achieve? 

The winners of the 2014 competition were Seema Bachoo from Sodnac SSS and Darshanah Mariamootoo from Dr Maurice Curé State College. They won a trip to Glasgow to take part in an International Young Journalist Conference, organised as part of the Cultural Programme for the 2014 Commonwealth Gamers. 

Seema, a wheelchair user, selected as her hero Stephen Hawking the world famous physicist who is also disabled. Seema says:

‘This iconic hero proved to the world that we, disabled people, are also human beings with the same desires, dreams and ambitions as others…..His life story teaches me that challenges and setbacks in life are to be embraced, not to be avoided… His unparalleled determination has inspired me to remain focussed on whatever I want to achieve.’ 

Our outreach work with community partners 

We work with community partners to provide after-school support in English to children from under-privileged backgrounds. Our aim is to help these children achieve their full potential by improving their level of English. 

In partnership with the British High Commission, we work with the Chagos Community Centre at Pointe aux Sables. Other partners include Terre de Paix in Albion and La Ruche Quartier de La Lumière in Bambous. 

Learning materials 

For practical tips on improving your English language skills, have a look at our free online resources. There are dedicated sections for kids, teens, adults and professionals. Children can have fun with games, songs and activities – and learn English too. Our Teaching English website provides a wealth of practical resources for teachers to use in the classroom. Register now to receive regular updates.

Teacher development 

We work closely with the Ministry of Education and the Mauritius Institute of Education to support the professional development of English teachers through workshops and other training events.